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Western Cape Users

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If you had wwDisa access and used it regularly, an account may have been created for you on WebView.


User Name Format

HPCSA Registered:
Your registration number including letters  e.g. MP154124

SANC Registered:
Letters "NC" and your registration number e.g.  NC12543222

Not Registered:
Letters "NM" and initials of first name and surname and digits 7 to 10 from ID Number
e.g. Piet Marias ID 112233 5142 001 = NMPM5142


Password (Initial)

If you have a Persal number:  Letter "P" followed by Persal number   e.g.  P12345547

If you dont have a Persal number: Letter "I" followed by first 8 digits of ID Number   e.g.  I62051522